To ensure that the Bank abides by all development and regulatory requirements, the Governance and Legal Group monitored and, where necessary, updated all approved policies and procedures for its businesses across the Kingdom and at overseas branches.

The Governance and Legal Group has provided through its sub-departments the expected added value to the work of the Bank; therefore, has succeeded in achieving numerous accomplishments, and developed procedures aimed to control business and reduce errors and risks. For example, the Governance Department has developed many policies, practices, procedures and control processes related to governance within the Bank including Related Party Transactions and Dealing with Conflicts of Interest Policy, ARB Board Members Nomination and Appointment Policy and Authorities Matrix for high-level management to comply with regulatory requirements.

In addition, it has updated ARB Governance Manual and has monitored performance of different committees to ensure having an approved charter for each committee; while it has worked on creating new committees and developing Charters of some committees to meet business needs and requirements of regulators.

Furthermore, it has monitored all approved policies and procedures in ARB KSA and overseas branches to be updated as required and to assure abiding by development requirements.

Governance Department aims at achieving adherence of the Bank to all governance related regulatory requirements and it represents the Bank’s arm to set rules and regulations that guarantee compliance of all business levels with best practiced rules of governance.

Board Secretariat has finished all its assigned jobs in a professional manner and has utilised modern technology, represented in Convene system, in circulation of Board and Executive Committee resolutions to shorten the length of processing proposals, ensure smooth and efficient work flow in a timely manner with immediate access of all Board and Executive Committee members to Convene.

In addition, Board Secretariat has developed work process by updating its business regulations to be compatible with the Bank’s strategy and targets. It has coordinated and collaborated with all proposals’ stakeholders to meet business requirements and achieve the best interest for the Bank and other related parties as per approved business regulations.

Board Secretariat has continued to follow up with Board or Executive Committee members and the management to ensure effective processing of all matters related to their resolutions and instructions.

The Legal Department continued to provide legal and advisory services as an internal consultant sector within the Bank and document the Bank's rights to defend them in order to preserve its assets and earnings.

The Shareholders Register Secretariat continued to maintain its performance and professional communication while implementing formal regulations and abiding by their rules. In addition to the disclosure of all mandatory requirements and distribute all reports and declarations, where all investors can review the Bank’s performance on a regular basis.