Celebrating your Journey

Bupa Arabia’s operations in the health insurance sector of Saudi Arabia began in 1997. From inception to this day, we walked in step with the stakeholder, which is why we celebrate 25 years of “travel”...together. It is our journey...It is your journey. Through the years, we’ve served the Kingdom and its people as a leading entity in the sector, providing prime healthcare services and solutions to millions across the land. The story continues, embracing a process that meets every one’s need, every time.

Chairman’s Message

The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and our focus on including UN SDGs continued to create a conducive business climate.

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Chief Executive Officer’s Review

Having navigated the post-pandemic economy in 2022, we continued to build on our strengths, whilst anticipating changing market demands. Our key assets – our people and our growing digital footprint – continue to serve us well as we head into a new financial year.

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Our Year at a Glance


Gross Written Premiums (GWP) of

SR 13.89 billion

+22% growth vs 2021

Net Income before Zakat and Tax

SR 1.03 billion

+40.5% growth vs 2021

Basic earnings per share

SR 5.78

+10.5% growth vs 2021

Net Promoter Score

NPS of 56.8

vs 54 in 2021



People engagement score


succession rate


2.5 million

app downloads

74 bots




25 years

of services in the KSA insurance industry

25 years of excellence and leadership in the Saudi health insurance sector