Bupa Arabia is an insurance business operating in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the consolidated financial statements have been presented in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards that are endorsed in the Kingdom.

Notes to the Financial Statements

As at 31 December 2022 > Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance Company (A Saudi Joint Stock Company)

1 Organization and Principal Activities

2 Basis of Preparation

3 Significant Accounting Policies


5 Cash and Cash Equivalents

6 Premiums Receivable – Net

7 Investments

8 Prepaid Expenses and Other Assets

9 Term Deposits

10 Fixtures, Furniture and Right of Use Assets – Net

11 Intangible Assets

12 Statutory Deposit

13 Technical Reserves

14 Deferred Policy Acquisition Costs

15 Claims Development Table

16 Fiduciary Assets

17 Commitments and Contingencies

18 Accrued and Other Liabilities and Lease Liability

19 Trademark Fees

20 Insurance Operations’ Surplus Payable

21 Employees’ end of Service Benefits

22 Fair Value of Financial Instruments

23 Operating Segments

24 Related Parties Transactions and Balances

25 Reinsurers’ Balance Payable

26 Zakat and Income Tax

27 Share Capital

28 Statutory Reserve

29 Share-Based Payments

30 Capital Management

31 General and Administrative Expenses

32 Selling and Marketing Expenses

33 Investment Income, Net

34 Earnings Per Share

35 Risk Management

36 Supplementary Information

37 Dividends

38 Approval Of The Consolidated Financial Statements