At Bupa Arabia, we believe and focus on providing services that ensure the overall well-being of our members.

Customer Capital

We are of the opinion that our customers must live longer and healthier lives. The approach we adopt to achieve this has been developed by focusing on customers’ requirements and centered on providing a unique customer experience through digitized solutions and services.

During the year, we introduced three new products through the mobile app, and were successful in increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction by automating the Company’s digital sales journey.

The Value We Deliver

We take a forward-looking approach in terms of healthcare, and most of our services are only a click away because we know that digital solutions are of high value to our members. Whether customers use Tebtom to access a wide range of healthcare services, Rahatkom to receive well-deserved hospital care, or Bupa Live Right for the best advice on living a healthy life, our ground-breaking healthcare solutions are simple to use and have set the stage for the Kingdom’s healthcare revolution.

Bupa Corporates

For companies over 250 staff members

Bupa Munsha’at

For small and medium enterprises

Bupa International

For executives and individuals


+3 million members



The Products We Offer

Bupa Arabia offers a variety of healthcare solutions to our business and individual customers.

Our business products include:

  1. Bupa Corporate

    The Bupa Corporate program offers a choice of four customizable coverage schemes for companies with over 250 staff members. The Company’s representatives are located on-site at the Kingdom’s largest hospitals, and are ready to provide immediate assistance.

  2. Bupa Munsha’at

    .Bupa Munsha’at is considered to be one of the Company’s significant contributors in terms of GWP. The product offers customizable choices across three programs for small and medium enterprises. Moreover, we have completed three product design cycles on Bupa Munsha’at to prepare its successors (Munsha’at 2.0) while still maintaining the new proposition of flexibility and customizability.

  3. Bupa International Health Plan

    A private health insurance scheme for executives and other individuals living and working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and worldwide. The scheme provides access to over one million healthcare providers across 190 countries.

Our products for individuals include:

  1. Bupa Family

    Bupa Family is considered to be the fastest-growing product in the B2C portfolio due to its array of plans. With the introduction of modular health insurance that allows for the selection of coverage based on customers’ health requirements and budgets, the product focuses on continuing to meet the diverse demands of Saudi families. Moreover, Bupa Family registrations recorded growth on a monthly basis, peaking in May last year with a growth rate of 106% compared to the beginning of 2022.

  2. Bupa Helpers

    Bupa Helpers is positioned as the only health insurance product in the market that is designed specifically for domestic workers based on their needs. Moreover, the product is affordable so that it doesn’t place financial burdens on employers. Bupa Helpers directly supports the Company’s 1Bupa Strategy, given its strong potential.

  3. Bupa Parents

    Bupa Parents is designed exclusively for Bupa Arabia members, and it enables them to insure their parents directly from our website or the Bupa App. The product was recognised as the ‘Most Innovative Health Insurance Product’ within the first year of its launch.

  4. Bupa Expat Individuals

    This program covers the health insurance needs of second-degree dependents under the sponsorship of non-Saudi employees.

  5. Bupa Inbound Travel

    This program safeguards the health and safety of individuals entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by focusing on all risks associated with travel.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

The customer experience has been further improved with a number of new features such as our live chat, consultations, the mobile app, web services, and more. We expanded our medical delivery services, improved our home-based laboratory tests and vaccination services, and launched local telemedicine services to make medicine more accessible to all Bupa Arabia clients.

Moreover, the Company launched Group Secretary (GS), an after-sales platform on the app, introduced Wathiq and Absher integrations, and three new products, offering an end-to-end shopping experience.

Our Products that Improve the Customer Experience

The Bupa Tebtom program is a digitalized health service that is available through Bupa App or the designated hotline, which provides access to the Bupa Tebtom team who supports members during their healthcare journey.

The programme offers:

  • Tebtom Team who are available 24/7, to provide healthcare guidance.
  • Chronic Care provides continuous care, medication delivery, and blood tests for patients with chronic diseases.
  • Maternity and Child Care to guide mothers during the pre- and postnatal journey.
  • Telemedicine service help patients consult with doctors irrespective of their location.
  • Specialized International Services in the form of International Second Medical Opinion (ISMO) services for members requiring international diagnoses from globally renowned centers.

The wellness services aim to improve members’ well-being to adopt healthier lifestyles.

  • Home Clinic: a new service created following COVID-19 pandemic to provide our members with medical care at their homes, including nursing care, doctors’ visits, and physiotherapy.
  • Tebtom Health Care Delivery Services (HCDS), or Tebtom HCDS, expanded its scope of work to include low networks during the pandemic and launched video teleconsultations.

The Bupa Tebtom program has touched over 15 million lives to date.

The Bupa Rahatkom program is designed to support our members with a seamless hospital experience.

The program offers:

  • Bupa Hospital Delegates facilitate patients’ journeys by guiding them through processes, tracking their requests, and expediting the approval process
  • Reduced medical clinic waiting times by up to 50%.
  • Continuity of Care to provide post-discharge guidance to patients.

The Bupa Rahatkom program has touched over 2 million lives to date.

The Bupa Click program is an all-in-one service for our digital innovation services available through our mobile app and website. With our 24/7 online presence, we provide healthcare services to our patients at any time with a single click (members can view our products, review their benefits, track their policies, or request Bupa Tebtom services).

The Live Right program is a collection of highly interactive wellness sessions and activities designed to improve our members’ and the community’s overall well-being. The program comprises around 200 Live Right activities focused on areas such as:

  • Mental well-being
  • Health lounges
  • Prevention
  • Fitness
  • Weight loss programs