We provide healthcare solutions and services for businesses, individuals and families with a product and service portfolio that maximizes customer convenience.

Our Landscape


About Bupa Arabia

Bupa Arabia is a publicly held healthcare insurance company that was established in Saudi Arabia as a joint venture with Nazer Group in 1997. We have been listed on the Saudi Stock Exchange since 2008, after offering 40% of the Company’s shares to the public in its IPO.

We provide healthcare solutions for businesses, individuals and families with a product portfolio that comprises of Bupa Munsha'at, Corporate and International Health plan, Bupa Parents, Bupa Family and Bupa Helpers. We also offer a range of services such as Bupa Tebtom, Bupa Rahatkom, Bupa Live right, and Bupa Click. These service offerings cover pregnancy and maternity care, chronic disease management, international medical consulting, hospital delegate services, and fitness and wellness programs.

We have also digitized the customer experience through our mobile app, which has recorded over 2.5 million downloads.

The Company serves a customer base of more than three million customers through its eight offices and branches, which are located across the country in Jeddah, Riyadh, Khobar, Jubail, Madinah, Makkah and Buraidah.

2022 financial results

Revenue in 2022:

SR 13.4 billion


Net claims incurred:

SR 10.9 billion


Net income before Zakat and income tax profit:

SR 1.03 billion


Earnings per share:

SR 5.78


Our Year at a Glance


Gross Written Premiums (GWP) of

SR 13.89 billion

+22% growth vs 2021

Net Income before Zakat and Tax

SR 1.03 billion

+40.5% growth vs 2021

Basic earnings per share

SR 5.78

+10.5% growth vs 2021

Net Promoter Score

NPS of 56.8

vs 54 in 2021



People engagement score


succession rate


2.5 million

app downloads

74 bots




25 years

of services in the KSA insurance industry

25 years of excellence and leadership in the Saudi health insurance sector

+30 million

Lives touched by Bupa

+6 million

Home clinic services provided by Bupa

+2 million

Served by Rahalkom services

+55 million

Transactions through the Bupa App


Births covered by Bupa


Healthcare providers in Bupa's network




Orphans covered by Bupa

For 25 years, Bupa Arabia has served the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the leading health insurance company, uplifting the lives of millions of citizens across the country. Since our inception in October 1997, we have diligently contributed to the advancement of not only the health insurance sector, but also the overall insurance industry in the Kingdom.

Our Company was established through a partnership between Bupa Global International and Nazer Group, with the key focus to provide health insurance services with high quality and competitive prices, while ensuring a distinctive experience for customers.

Our core values to be BRAVE, CARING and RESPOSNIBLE, have guided our strategy over the years, enabling Bupa Arabia to be at the forefront of digital transformation in the industry. Our market leadership is facilitated through the highest levels of innovation in products and services, and has enabled our company to deliver services with international standards to families, and the largest companies and establishments in the Kingdom.

However, our core asset is our PEOPLE, who have enabled us to become the most valuable insurance company in the Middle East, and to be ranked among the 10 most powerful brands in Saudi Arabia.

As we celebrate this proud milestone in our service journey, we at Bupa Arabia look forward to serving our customers and the citizens of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for many more years to come!

As Bupa Arabia celebrates its 25th year,

we take a look back at our journey and our key milestones

Strategic Framework

1Bupa Strategy

The 1Bupa Strategy was launched in 2019, with a focus on six strategic pathways to accelerate the Company’s growth through 2023. As we reach the final lap, our 1Bupa Growth Strategy has helped the Company remain focused on our value proposition to be the best in servicing our customers. As a result, 1Bupa has enabled the Company to generate approximately SR 1.03 billion in profits ahead of the 2023 target, be ranked among the 10 most powerful brands in the Kingdom, and top the list of leading insurance companies in the GCC region.