We provide healthcare solutions and services for businesses, individuals and families with a product and service portfolio that maximizes customer convenience.

Our Global Presence

Bupa Group

Founded in the UK in 1947, Bupa is an international healthcare company with a global footprint that includes Australia, Spain, Chile, Poland, New Zealand, Hong Kong SAR, Turkey, Mexico, the United States of America, the Middle East and Ireland, in addition to associate businesses in Saudi Arabia and India.

We are a private limited company, with a workforce of over 84,000 employees, with the primary focus of providing quality healthcare, benefitting both existing and future customers. Furthermore, given that it has no shareholders, all profits are reinvested into the Company to provide the same.

Bupa Group boasts over 38 million customers worldwide, which are categorized into three Market Units: Asia-Pacific, Europe and Latin America, and Bupa Global and UK. Additionally, the Group operates several associate health insurance ventures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and in India (Niva Bupa).

Health insurance accounts for a significant part of the business across all market regions, counting 21.1 million customers and yielding approximately 71% of the Group’s revenue.

Furthermore, Bupa provides healthcare services to 16.9 million customers across some regions through its own clinics, dental centers and hospitals.

We also provide digital provision services, including digital GP services, care triage and consultation, mental health coaching and support, and chronic care management.

The Group also cares for around 20,000 residents in its aged care businesses in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Spain. Bupa Group’s aged residential care portfolio comprises care homes, retirement villages, day centers and homecare.

Bupa’s purpose is helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives and making a better world.

  • Founded in 1947, Bupa is a private company limited by guarantee. With no shareholders, we reinvest profits into providing more and better healthcare for the benefit of current and future customers.
  • We are an international healthcare company serving over 43 million customers worldwide.
  • Over the past 75 years, our global footprint has grown from our origins in the UK to Australia, Spain, Poland, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, the Middle East, the US, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Ireland. We also have associate businesses in Saudi Arabia and India.

75 years

of healthcare and wellness



43 million


2022 financial results

Revenue in 2022:

£ 14.0 billion


Underlying profit before tax:

£ 575 million


Net cash generated:

£ 966 million


Our Purpose and Ambition

Our purpose and ambition is to establish a successful customer–centric healthcare company, that helps people live healthier, and wholesome lives while making the world a better place. Bupa comprises passionate individuals focused on precision and qualitative transformation and growth. Our values act as our guide, towards a purposeful innovation for a healthier future.

Purpose – Helping people live longer, healthier, happier lives, and making a better world

Ambition – To be the world’s most customer-centric healthcare company


Bupa Group Business Model

Bupa Group is a global healthcare company with an international reach that extends across multiple business operations, practices, and resources. These are aligned to meet our exemplary standards and customer needs, as well as manage the operating environment to ensure quality service.

What we do

Health Insuarance

24.4 million
insurance customers worldwide

of revenue

  • Health insurance accounts for 71% of our revenue, with 24.4 million customers. We have a strong domestic health insurance presence via our businesses in the UK, Australia, Spain, Chile, Hong Kong, Turkey, Brazil and Mexico, and our associate businesses in Saudi Arabia and India.
  • We offer International Private Medical Insurance (IPMI) through our Bupa Global businesses.
  • We provide dental insurance in Australia, the UK, Spain, Chile, Poland, Hong Kong, Brazil and through Bupa Global.

Health provision

19.2 million
provision customers worldwide

of revenue

  • Health provision accounts for 21% of our total revenue, comprising 376 health clinics, 25 hospitals and 979 dental centres, serving 19.2 million people globally.
  • We operate health facilities in Spain, Chile, Poland, the UK, Brazil, Hong Kong and Australia, and in our associate business in Saudi Arabia.
  • We run hospitals in Spain, Mexico, Chile, Poland and UK.

Aged care

residents in our care homes

of revenue

  • We provide aged care services in the UK, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Our portfolio comprises care homes, retirement villages, day centres and homecare.

Footprint and participation

Asia Pacific Europe and Latin America Bupa Global and UK Other
Australia New Zealand Hong Kong Spain Poland Turkey Chile Brazil Bupa Global
Latin America
Mexico United Kingdom Bupa Global1 Saudi Arabia2 India2
Funding Health insurance                          
Health subscription          
Dental insurance                
Dental subscription    
Health provision Clinics                
Dental centres             4
Optical and audiology    
Ages care provision Care homes     3  
Retirement villages      
  • Global international insurance available in most countries.
    Includes 49% stake in Health (GeoBlue) in the US.
  • Bupa Arabia and Niva Bupa are associate businesses.
  • In Spain, we also have daycare centres.
  • We also operate dental clinics in the Republic of Ireland managed through Bupa Global and UK.
Bupa Health Insurance
Bupa Health Services
Bupa Villages and Aged Care Australia
New Zealand:
Bupa Villages and Aged Care New Zealand
Bupa Hong Kong:
Health Insurance and provision
Sanitas Seguros
Sanitas Hospitales
And New Services
Sanitas Dental
Sanitas Mayores
Acibadem Sigorta
Bupa Chilew
Bupa Mexico
Bupa Global
Latin America
Bupa UK Insurance
Bupa Dental Care
Bupa Care Services
Bupa Health Services
Bupa Global
Saudi Arabia:
Private health insurer, Bupa Arabia2, in which we have a 43.25% stake. We also have
an interest in MyClinic.

Niva Bupa2:
Private health insurer in India, in which we hold a 44.75% stake

Who we create value for

We work to:

  • deliver exceptional customer service
  • harness digitalisation, data, and analytics to drive improvements
  • innovate to meet and exceed customer expectations
  • keep our customers’ data safe
  • promote a positive, inclusive working environment
  • create opportunities for people to grow and develop
  • enable people to manage their health and well-being

We work to:

  • create shared value for our partners including health providers, brokers, and distributors

We work to:

  • make a difference through volunteering, community partnerships, and contributions
  • take care of the environment and address climate change and its health impacts